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Erik Wozniak

  • Instagram - WozUpDude

Guitarist, Singer, & Songwriter

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Hi! I'm Erik Wozniak, a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from South Jersey. I have a wide ranging repertoire, performing acoustic cover music from classic rock to top 40.

Available for Happy Hours at Pubs, Wineries, Events, and Private Parties.


Erik Wozniak (Woz)
Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter

Born and raised in South Jersey.

Erik began his musical career playing the accordion at 9 years old. Why? He liked the way it sounded, his grandpop played it, and it had so many cool buttons! His grandpop gave him lessons and eventually he could play some polkas. At 11 he discovered the guitar and the accordion never saw daylight again. Around a year later he realized he could sing and play guitar at the same time. At 14 he began to make friends with local aspiring musicians (kids), formed a cover band, and started gigging wherever they could get bookings. He continued this with several cover bands through his early 20’s. During this time, he had met and made many lifelong friends. At 22 he put the gigging part of his music aside. He got married, established himself in a full-time job, built a house, had children, and he and his wife raised their family. During this time (20’s to 40) he wrote at least 100 songs and tons of jotted song ideals. However, he was never happy with any of his songs, so he got discouraged and stopped writing. At 40 he started playing in a cover band and performing live again. He did this for about 10 years then the band fizzled out due to life happenings. Since then, he performs solo (& duo) acoustic gigs - playing mostly cover music. Whenever available, his friend Cailin sings with him and they perform as a duo.

In 2019 Erik started to write music again. This time around he felt better with the way his songs were coming out. Whether or not his music goes anywhere he says it’s an accomplishment for himself and hopefully a listening enjoyment for others.

Over the years his musical influences have defiantly changed. If you asked him in the 80’s it would have been: Van Halen, Rush, and U2. He is a fan of many artist and genres of music, but the artists that currently inspire him most now go back a bit: Elton John, Billy Joel, & Darius Rucker.

Erik writes and records in his home studio. He often collaborates with his network of musician friends to bring the compositions together.

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